Locomotive Vehicle Lifting Jacks

Locomotive Vehicle Lifting Jacks

Matterson vehicle lifting Jacks are available in a variety of safe lifting capacities ranging from 6 tonne to 35 tonne.

They come in three types, retractable arm, fixed arm and cross beam type.

The first set of Jacks Matterson’s produced was a set of 20 tonne fixed arm in 1959 for British Rail. The specification required by British Rail meant that our Jacks were greatly over engineered but this is what has kept our Jacks still in service today 50+ years on….

We still offer all spares for Matterson Jacks, offering a full overhaul service or part exchange to bring your Jacks back up to Matterson Quality Standard.

We will also offer a good price for Matterson Jacks if you no longer require them.

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Matterson Cranes are still widely used through out the world because of the quality of build. To this day we are still quoting on spares for Matterson Cranes built in the 1950’s.

We can offer virtually every part for your Matterson Crane which ever the range from a new part, refurbished part or a second hand part.

We offer a full refurbishment for all Matterson Hoist/Crab units which we carry out at our Rochdale depot.

If you no longer require your Matterson Unit we will also offer you a good price to buy the unit back from you.

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Matterson Cranes can offer over 95% of spare parts for the equipment sold over our many years of producing excellent lifting equipment, whether it is your Crane, Hoist or Locomotive Lifting Jacks we endeavour to keep your business running efficiently.

We stock the most commonly used spares such as: Ropes, Runners, Bearings, Brake/Parts etc. All parts are made to the highest quality as you would expect with the Matterson name.

In some cases we can offer a Refurbished or Second Hand parts which also will be of excellent quality as here at Matterson's we understand that in today’s climate we need to be able to offer cost effective replacement spare parts to meet the demands of all our customers.

Matterson's can supply spares direct to all customers and can also source more specialised spares for other crane companies on request.

Whatever your needs we are here to help!


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